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Series CXJ Dry Powder Drum Permanent Magnetic Separator

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Series CXJ dry powder drum permanent magnetic separator (from the single drum to four drums, 1000~10000Gs) is a magnetic separation equipment used to remove the iron impurities from the dry powder material continuously and automatically.

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The unique design for magnetic circuit and the magnetic source is made up from the NdFeB with high performance.
Featuring with powerful magnetic force and high efficiency for tramp iron elimination, it can be widely arranged in the lines such as grinding, refractory material, foodstuff, building material, ceramics, raw materials for glass and chemical industry to remove the iron impurities. It can also be used in dry separating hematite, limonite, etc.
Feeding capacity can be adjusted to meet the different granularity requirement. It is characteristic with maintenance-free, energy saving, lower costs, safety and reliability.

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