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Series HFW Pneumatic Classifier

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Application: Widely used for chemical, minerals (especially applicable for non-mineral products classification,such as calcium carbonate,kaolin quartz, talc, mica, etc.), metallurgy, abrasive, ceramics, fire-proof material, medicines, pesticides, food, health supplies, and new materials industries.

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Series HFW Pneumatic Classifier1

Performance Features
◆Classified products size to D97:3~150 micrometers, adjustable products granularity-level, extremely convenient to replace species.
◆Classification efficiency (extraction rate) 60%~90%, which is influenced by materials and consistent of the particles meeting the size; with good mobility and high consistent of the particles meeting the size, the materials classification efficiency is high; while without those, the efficiency is low.
◆High speed and top-cutting precision.Multi-level classification machine can be cascaded , and production of various products size.
◆Control system employs programmed control to indicate real-time operational status that is easy to operate.
◆System operation under negative pressure, dust emissions is not exceeding to 40mg/m3 and with noise-eliminator to confirm it is no more than 75dB (A).

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