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Series RCDE Self-Cleaning Oil-cooling Electromagnetic Separator

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Application: For large thermal power plants, coal transportation ports, coal mines, mines, building materials and other places that require high iron removal, and can work normally in harsh environments such as dust, humidity, and severe salt spray corrosion.It is the most common cooling method for electromagnetic field in the world.

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◆The computer simulating design in magnetic circuit, and strong magnetic force.
◆The special design of the exciting coil, longitudinal and transverse oil passages, is extremely conducive to the heat transfer to the transformer oil, reduce the temperature of the coil, and the coil operating temperature rises by 60 ° C. It has reached the level of similar foreign products.
◆The grade of coil insulation is above F, select a new type of high-temperature thermal oil. Reasonable oil circuit , fast in circulation and high in heat dissipation efficiency.
◆The coil is soaked and cured by a special epoxy resin, improve the insulation performance of the whole machine, fully sealed structure, dustproof, rainproof, salt spray-proof, and corrosion-resistant.
◆Corrugated cooling fins, which greatly increase the heat dissipation area and effectively control the temperature rise.
◆Using the international evaporative cooling electromagnetic separator production process. German-made leak detector to absolutely control and eliminate leakage (annual leakage of 5 mg can be detected).

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