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Series RCDF oil self-cooling electromagnetic separator

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Application: For remove the iron tramp from the various materials on the belt conveyor before crushing and used in harsh environment.

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Machine features
Thoroughly solve the three major problems of heat dissipation, suction and environmental adaptation in general separator.

Technology Features
◆The computer simulating design in magnetic circuit, and strong magnetic force.
◆The special design of the exciting coil, longitudinal and transverse oil passages, is extremely conducive to the heat transfer to the transformer oil, reduce the temperature of the coil.
◆The coil is soaked and cured by a special epoxy resin, improve the insulation performance of the whole machine, fully sealed structure, dustproof, rainproof, salt spray-proof, and corrosion-resistant.
◆Self-cleaning, easy maintenance, drum-shape structure, automatic belt-off-position correct.
◆ Fully functional, with manual and centralized control, which can meet the requirements for use in various occasions.

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