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Series HMB Pulse Dust Collector

Short Description:

Working Principle: Induced by the fan and distributed by the diversion, the dust in air is attracted onto surface of filter components while the purified gas is discharged to the atmosphere. The dust on filter will be cleaned by electric magnetic valve and then discharged from the valve at the bottom of dust collector.

Product Detail

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1. Reasonable air current combination, It adopts clockwise current in and clockwise current filtering to make dust gather when they drop so to reduce the load of dust catcher and the pulse frequency.
2. The exit of filter bag is sealed by special material, Good performance in sealing and easy to assemble. The frame is welded by resistance solder and smooth surface is without any trace so that improve the wearing between frame and bag so to prolong the life of the bag.
3. We provide different filter bags according to the working environment and the specification with stable resistance, The efficiency of dust collecting is more than 99.9%.


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