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Single Driving High Pressure Roller Mill – Series PGM

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Application: The Single Driving High Pressure Roller Mill – Series PGM is specially designed to pre-grind the cement clinkers, the mineral dross, the steel clinkers and so on into small granules, to ultra-crush the metallic minerals (iron ores, manganese ores, copper ores, lead-zinc ores, vanadium ores and others) and to grind the non-metallic minerals (the coal gangues, feldspar, nepheline, dolomite, limestone, quartz, etc.) into the powder.

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1. Working Principle

The single driving high pressure roller mill is operating as per crushing and powder grinding by the material bed's mutual squeezing. For the two rollers, one is the fixed, and the other active. They rotate relatively and have the same working speed. After the materials enter from the upper feeder, they can be squeezed to crush under the high pressure between the two rollers, and the fine materials expel from the bottom.

Structure and Working Principles1

2. Driving Part

This equipment only needs one set motor driving. The fixed roller transfers the driving force to the active roller by the dentition-like connection system, to make the two rollers work together at the same speed. There's no sliding friction, which can effectively save around 45% electricity energy than the common high pressure roller.

Structure and Working Principles2

3. Pressure System

Adopting the combined spring mechanical pressure system, the active roller can work flexibly, esp. when the iron impurities enter. This system can guarantee 95% operation rate. While, the traditional roller adopts to decompress by that the hydraulic oil is discharged from the pipe, which lags and easily damages the roller surface and the hydraulic oil system.

Structure and Working Principles3

4. Roller Surface

Overlay the alloyed wear-resistant welding materials to get the roller surface with HRC 58-65. The pressure can be adjustable as per the materials' quantity, which can not only realize the crush and the grind, but also protect the roller surface. There's no sliding friction when the fixed roller works together with the active one. Then we can know its service life is much longer than the traditional one.

Structure and Working Principles4

Main Technical Features
1. High Working Efficiency
Compared with the traditional crushing equipment, the processing capacity increases by 40 - 50%. The processing capacity for PGM1040 can reach around 50 -100 t/h, with only 90kw power.
2. Low Energy Consumption
As per the single roller driving way, it needs only one motor to drive. The energy consumption is very low. Compared with the traditional double driving roller mill, it can reduce the energy consumption by 20~30%.
3. Good Wear-resistant Quality
With only one motor driving, the synchronization performance of the two rollers is very good. With wear-resistant welding surfaces, the rollers are with good wear-resistant quality and can be easily maintained.
4. High Operation Rate: ≥95%
With scientific design, the equipment can be pressurized by the high pressure spring group. The working pressure can be adjusted automatically as per the spring group compress. There is no malfunction point.
5. High Automation and easy adjustment. Without the hydraulic system, there is low malfunction rate
6. Long Service Life
7. Simple and Compact Structure
Application Pictures

Single Driving High Pressure Roller Mill - Series PGM01
Single Driving High Pressure Roller Mill - Series PGM2
Single Driving High Pressure Roller Mill - Series PGM4
Single Driving High Pressure Roller Mill - Series PGM1
Single Driving High Pressure Roller Mill - Series PGM3
Single Driving High Pressure Roller Mill - Series PGM5

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