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Electromagnetic fluid sea oil slick separation and recovery device

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Application: CNOOC, CNPC, Sinopec, offshore oil drilling platforms at sea, more than 300000 tons of oil pier at sea.

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Include the tank, oil containment booms, Hull, electromagnetic fluid sea oil slick separation and recovery system. Oil level detection and automatic discharge oil system, power, date acquisition system, etc.

The after- treatment seawater is compliance with the Ⅳ international sea water quality standards of non-obvious oil film.

Technology features
1. There is no need to put any lipophilic or magnetic substances into the sea water. The separation and recovery process is carried out at the same time without post-treatment.
2. It is especially suitable for the separation and recovery of light oil and chemical raw materials which are difficult to be recovered by the existing technology.
3. Complete recovery, low water content of recovered oil.
4. Little impact on the marine environment.
5. Automatic control and low labor intensity are easy to realize.

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