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Series DCFJ Fully Automatic Dry Powder Electromagnetic Separator

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Application: Separate the weak magnetic oxides and crumble-like ferrous rusts from the fine powder materials. It is applied to purify the materials in the nonmetallic mineral industries, like ceramics, glass and refractory material; the medical, the chemical, the foodstuff and other industries.

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Technical Features
◆ Simple connection: The main engine is vibrating during operation. Connected with the pipe or the canvas.
bag, the material can be fed into and discharged from the equipment.
◆Separate and remove the uneasy flowing fine powder. Under the effect of the vibration motor, the material, which is < 200 μ m or with high humidity, can go through the screen mesh.
◆Process the material with high temperature: the standard model can process the material with 70℃; while the special model can process the material with higher temperature.
◆ Easy installation: you can install the equipment in any way, as long as the frame is safe and stable.
◆ The magnetic filtering net can be cleaned easily: a plate is laid at the discharging outlet to gather the separated mineral; and at the same time, turn off the power to demagnetize for the cleaning operation.
◆Separate the ferrous pollution and the material thoroughly: the material definitely has no way to go into the separating chamber.

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