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Series YCBG Movable Magnetic Separator for Dry Sand

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Application and structure: Series YCBG movable magnetic separator for dry sand is medium intensity magnetic separation equipment and can be used to rich magnetic minerals from the powdery ore, marine sand or other lean ore or to eliminate magnetic impurity from powdery materials. This equipment is composed of grizzley, distributing device, frame, belt conveyor, magnetic separator and so on. The separation drum is made by stainless steel plate. Employing multi-magnetic poles and large wrap angle design for magnetic system, and NdFeB magnet as magnetic source. Its characteristic is high intensity and high gradient. The revolution of the separation drum can be adjusted by the electromagnetic regulator speed motor.

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◆ Advanced magnetic circuit design and multi-magnetic poles structure to upgrade fine mineral.
◆ High gradient, reliable performance, easy to recover weakly magnetic minerals.
◆ Simple construction and installation, easy to maintain.
◆ Low energy consumption, long-term trouble-free operation.
◆ The usage of NdFeB magnet featuring with high magnetic force.
◆ Electromagnetic speed regulating motor for drive device.

Series YCBG Movable Magnetic Separator for Dry Sand3
Series YCBG Movable Magnetic Separator for Dry Sand2

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