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Series RCGZ Conduit Self-cleaning iron Separator

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Application: Mainly used in the cement industry: the back-grinding coarse powder after the powder separator and the clinker pre-pulverization before the fine powder before iron removal, to prevent iron. Iron particles accumulate in the mill, thereby improving the production efficiency of the mill and the specific surface area of the cement: iron removal before the cement filling process can. The iron impurities mixed in the cement are automatically cleaned and discharged to ensure the stable operation of the production.

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The deformation shell rotates for the magnetic system, which increases the structure of the magnetic system from the structure.
Material separation is more thorough. Use high temperature resistance. Strong magnetic NdFe magnetic material, high magnetic field strength, the whole machine is connected in series to the powder conveying pipe.
Medium and flange connection, easy installation. Iron removal and iron removal are done automatically. The equipment does not require special care, and the permanent magnet is used as the magnetic source.
No power consumption, low power, low electrode consumption, compact structure, stable and reliable.

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